Katy got into the fitness industry 20 years ago while training at "the Mecca of Bodybuilding".  She has competed both in bikini, fitness and USAW Weightlifting events all over the country as well as abroad.  She's been featured in magazines and still models and competes in the NPC.

When she found CrossFit she found a training system that finally encompassed fully what she believed in -- that you can look great and still be healthy and functional.  Eating to maximize health and performance isn't what the magazines push but Katy teaches people how to eat clean, feel great and look great.

As an owner at Karma Katy has been involved in CrossFit since late in 2008 but has continued to learn so much more and now seeks to integrate these elements into our community.  From studying hormonal regulation and postural balancing to Implement Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), and Voila (Structural Joint Balancing).

Katy is not only one the best sources for total health and fitness at Karma, but in the entire south bay.