Although I was only able to workout with Karma CrossFit for the two months of vacation between school years, my time there was the best I could have spent any of my time this summer break. Karma's members consist of the most inspirational individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, all led by the best coaches any athlete could ask for. I came in with absolutely no experience but felt more than taken care of by everyone there. Upon walking into my first class, every single person in the room shook my hand and extended the warmest of welcomes. The Karma family's unrelenting courage, strength, and support pushed me to be my best self and to give my all (no matter how often my "noodle" arms felt like giving out). Will and Katy have managed to attract and nurture an outstanding community. If you are itching to improve your mental, physical, and emotional self, Karma CrossFit is without a doubt the place to be. I was humbled every day as Karma helped me grow in unprecedented ways. Here you will find precise and constructive feedback, new and thrilling challenges, and enough motivation to last a lifetime. I am deeply sad to have to leave Karma so soon after joining, but I know I will return someday, as soon as I can. 
--Summer K.

Exactly two months ago (December 3rd, 2010) I walked in to Karma CrossFit for my first time. I was a size 36″ waist, weighed 206 pounds, and was nearly 23% body fat. I was greeted by a very fit, friendly, and energetic guy named Will. He introduced me to the concepts behind CrossFit and guided me though an initial fitness assessment (that whooped my butt). During this workout, the Karma Family, whom I had never met before, cheered me on and encouraged me push myself through. Despite the fact that I was on the verge of losing my breakfast, this experience sold me on joining Karma.

It was only a matter of time before I became addicted. I became addicted to the intensity, the camaraderie, the motivation and experience provided by Will and Katy, and most of all, THE RESULTS! In two months time I’ve lost 21 pounds, 7% body fat, and two inches off of my waist. I am only half way to my goal, but I couldn’t have gotten this far with out Will, Katy and the Karma Family. Karma CrossFit ROCKS!

5’10″, 206lbs, 36″ waist, 23% body fat


5’10″, 185lbs, 34″ waist, 16% body fat

5’10″, 170lbs, 31″ waist, 12% body fat

Mark S.

I am back at CrossFit pretty regularly now, and while I love the new box and the people there it dawned at me last night that I am yet to come across coaches as good as you and Katy. Your style of coaching, compared to what I’ve observed at my current box and a few others, is so much more proactive and engaged, and for me, a million times more helpful. Your coaching/programming/nutrition advice was also really informative. I need to get back there.

-Joe. K., former member who moved out of town

Karma (and especially the people there) turned my direction around. I definitely felt myself fading into an unhealthy middle age, with great intentions but no real idea how to reverse the slide. I had long wanted to try CrossFit, but I was wary that it would be meat-headed and authoritarian, and maybe some boxes are that way, but Katy and Will and Nicole and Renee are all awesome Warrior-Poets and each inspires me to push my limits (or at least to survive the really tough WODs).

I had ideas about what CrossFit was, many wrongheaded, and I am grateful to all the Warrior-Poets for their patience in not just teaching me the right movements (extremely important and not to be a minimized part of Karma) but also the right mindset. The results so far are great motivation and give me momentum to keep setting more goals.

Even though I’m a 6 am weirdo that hardly anyone ever sees, I feel like a real member of a tight-knit community of awesome Karminions, and I hugely appreciate the many opportunities Karma gives its members to positively affect the community.

Karma is a whole life thing, not just paying somebody to make you work out, and it’s outstanding. Six months ago I was drifting, but by the time Katy declared 2014 to be the “Year of Blake” last December, I believed her completely.

-Blake F.

I’ve been with Karma CF for over a year now and have never looked back. What sets Karma CF apart is their knowledge and dedication. The coaches are true motivators/teachers. They are always learning the most effective way/techniques to help you evolve as an athlete. They share their opinions and listen to your concerns to help you achieve your goals. It’s the sincere approach of helping everyone in our community that makes a difference. Karma CF isn’t just any other CF box; I consider them my 2nd family. Here, I feel like a better person inside and out, and that is priceless! The encouragement I get is what challenges me to do better, or set a new record, or simply add another rep. I’m barely 5 feet tall; who would have thought at 95 lbs. I could deadlift 215 lbs! I never imagined that in my whole life;­ it’s amazing what a little encouragement can do for you! So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This family is amazing. Love you guys!

-Theresa M.

When I started at Karma CrossFit, I thought I’d do it just for a few months to lose the baby weight. Four years later, I’m still here because the results were so amazing. I never thought I’d be able to squat my body weight, do unassisted pull-ups, and rep out push-ups. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Plus, this is the greatest CrossFit community. Everyone is so supportive of each other – people stick around and cheer you on even after they’ve finished their work. It’s not uber-competitive like some CrossFit gyms, which can be really intimidating. Just a good, friendly, and supportive atmosphere.

Renee M.