Will has been in the fitness business his entire adult life.  Literally.  At 18 years old he began as a personal trainer (when he realized he wouldn't be playing collegiate sports) and has been in many of the Globo-gym franchises since.  

While primarily training people who were interested in aesthetics he began to shift his focus to competitive Kettlebell training and then found CrossFit.  There was no going back.  The sheer quantity of disciplines that come into the CrossFit world was fantastic for somebody with a degree in philosophy who deeply wanted to understand everything!  While working as a private training Will studied with NSCA, NASM, ISSA, NCEP, AKC, AFAA, and many more. Since opening Karma it has been the same passion for learning only now focused on Weightlifting, Powerlifting, gymnastics and all other elements being rolled into CrossFit.  These are now the driving forces behind Karma's program.  

Will primarily welcomes the day at Karma as a teacher.  So show up ready to learn, embrace the process, be coachable.